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Value Statement

  • For technology companies

    in the need to adapt to new business situations, markets, technologies or legal requirements
  • based on my experiences, following the Oath on Non-Allegiance, deploying agile and traditional methodologies, convincing stakeholders and respecting the human beeings
  • I quickly identify the short term needed actions and critical success factors of the specific environment and
  • initiate, manage and close any required work stream and team to generate best possible adaption
  • to generate best possible value for the stakeholders.



  1. Experiences: 23 Years, 55 Projects
  2. Roles: traditional & agile / lean Program-, Project- and Interims Management
  3. Areas: Organization, Technology, CRM & PMI
  4. Industry: Cable Operator, Telecommunications & Technology, Aerospace
  5. Value Contributions: Stabilization and Close Down Challenging and Critical Projects
  6. Characteristics: Results Orientation, Lateral Thinking, Perseverance, Enthusiasm
  7. Focus: Realizing Value from Converging Technologies, Networks and Media
  8. International Experiences: Germany with intense collaboration across Europe, US, India and China, partly on site



  • Life Time Learning
  • To find the right mix of structured and pragmatic approaches requires experiences and professionalism
  • Agile Manifesto & Principles, even within traditional approaches


Charity Engagement

To contribute to a better world, on a regular base my company Virtrion supports two valued intiatives, I identified as adressing key issues of our current global society:
  1. gives children with limited chances a helping hand, so that through supporting and educating them, global wealth and peace will increase, stable on a long term perspective.
  2. Fördergemeinschaft Natur & Medizin helps improving health care with significant, non commercially orientied projects.


We’d be delighted, getting in touch with you.
So, in the case of interest or any questions, please don’t hestitate to contact us:
Gunnar Scheffler
+49 (0) 160 97268359
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